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Trigent’s qAIzen (AutoMATE) Platform helps you deliver excellent software quality with unmatched flexibility, scale, and speed through next-gen infrastructure, frameworks, and solutions. Experience velocity in your software development life cycle by integrating the latest tools. Our industry-driven expertise effortlessly integrates next-gen technologies, using them optimally to drive automation. Our expertise in tools with AI capability for offering automation solutions comprises features such as

80% test coverage, over 70% reduction in test cycle time and 60% less test data efforts.

Our Intelligent Automation Services

Test Design Automation

Test design accounts for approximately 35% of the testing effort. Improve the efficiency of your testing practice with our Test Design Automation Service that integrates with your Agile testing cycles. Testers can also use visual workflows to graphically transcribe the business logic, resulting in faster auto-generation of test cases and test automation scripts. We organize tests by business flows, keywords, risks, and depth of coverage, leveraging the right test data and generating and integrating test cases into test management tools of your choice.

Our services will enable you to quickly take on your documented legacy tests. Further, we help you generate test automation scripts that can work under different automation tools like Selenium & Cypress. Our services are delivered in an As-A-Service model.

Test Automation as a service

AutoMATE, offers a flawless connected CX powered with agility to your customers. Ensure increased application availability and infrastructure performance with effortless automation of events, processes, tasks, and business functions across all levels using cutting-edge AI/ML utilities.

Our engagement approach

Automation assessment
Automation as a service
We leverage our AI/ML-enabled open-source automation framework to seamlessly integrate popular test management tools into the CI/CD pipeline.

AutoMATE – Test Automation Framework

AutoMATE testing framework assures software quality and unmatched flexibility. We provide utilities for risk-based software testing. Significantly reduce the script/ test cases development effort and complexity. AI/ML utilities allow for effective test impact analysis and test selection. AutoMate integrates static Code Analysis to maintain code correctness, integrates CI/CD tools to enable automated executions, and enables image-Based Testing and AI-Based UI testing.

Test Data Management

Build an automated data provisioning process to meet your business processes requirements that ensure data compliance with all regulatory requirements and is available when required across the different test environments. Our Test Data Management team builds an automated data provisioning process with the goal of delivering the best-connected CX.

Future TDM Process

Test Data Needs Assessment
We assess software test processes and their environments, critical business flows, sources, and volume of test data. And the current process of managing test data or assessing the needs for submitting, masking, cloning, business process automation, and cataloging.
Test Data Management
As a part of our test data management, we draw a comprehensive data governance mechanism, ensure the data refresh process and assure safe & secure storage and retrieval of data.

qAIzen Framework

Automate your test processes successfully to develop a proven, robust, comprehensive test automation framework – qAIZen. Our accelerated script development capability reduces test scripting complexity by 60-80%. Experience a new level of automation with modular & reusable components, leading to a cost-effective solution for an exceptional CX. Leverage AI/ML utilities and tools that allow Test Impact Analysis and test selection that integrate with CI/CD tools to enable automated executions.


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