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Assured CX through test automation expedites features & fixes rollout by 4x for InsurTech giant

The speed at which they’re able to understand the product is impressive. Trigent delivers everything that’s asked of them each sprint. The team is excellent at getting up to speed with new technologies. They’re an organized team that gets the job done.

About the client

The client the first true-cloud, enterprise-grade SaaS Platform for Insurance that enables insurers to rapidly build products and experiences for their millennial customers. They can configure and create any type of insurance product, for any region, and distribute it any way that they choose. They have quickly grown to become a trusted partner to leading insurers in the U.S, enabling them to serve their policyholders better. The platform handles the end-to-end process of insurance product development, pricing, underwriting, risk assessment, policy issuance, premium payment, customer onboarding, claim management, and payments.

Business Challenge

To maintain its disruptive leadership position in the market, the client undertook to upgrade its platform that would offer an integrated front end that dramatically simplified the experience for both online customers and their agents. The new front-end interface needed to:

Additionally, the new platform was designed to allow the insurance policyholders to self-serve. This would exponentially increase the business rules, scenarios, and components that must be validated before the market release without compromising release agility.

Trigent solution

To achieve the desired Customer Experience (CX), the client switched from using a very old version of React, Typescript, Gulp, and Bower to the latest version of React and Typescript, supported by Webpack and npm.

The client partnered with Trigent to augment and extend their QA capabilities, undertake functional testing, and build automated checks across the new platform. Trigent’s testing team got involved in defining the test strategy, the core elements of which were:

With recognized Test Automation credentials, Trigent ensured release readiness and built automated checks across the upgraded platform. The automation team focused on the component integration and the end-to-end business functional tests. Scenarios to automate were chosen to increase test coverage in areas of risk and business criticality.

The API integration test cases were run at every pull request in the local development branch, periodically, in the main development branch and whenever a release was undertaken (usually weekly). API tests were integrated into the CI/CD pipeline and controlled through Jenkins jobs. UI tests, that covered critical business functionality, were to be run twice daily to check for regressions on the development branch and against release candidates on different test environments.

Trigent’s AutoMATE framework formed the basis and jump-started the framework development process, thus saving time, in an already time-crunched project.The team ensured the automation of maximum test scenarios across high-risk scenarios. The enhanced framework enabled:

Automation coverage achieved

Achieved automation of 90% of the test scenarios
across high-risk and business-critical scenarios.


API tests


End-to-end business functional scenarios

The entire CI/CD pipeline was set up so that the checks covered:

Client benefits:

Technology stack: