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Case Study
Richard Wright Embraces a Digital-first Approach to Streamline Operations through An Advanced Field Service Management Solution

About the Client

Richard Wright Inc. is a fine art handling company specializing in the safe and secure transportation of high-value and delicate artwork. They’ve been serving the fine art community since 1983, offering a comprehensive range of services, including packing, crating, shipping, storage, and delivery. Richard Wright’s team of experienced art handlers ensures the transfer of previous artwork for museum curators, private collectors, and artists.

Business Challenge

Richard Wright faced operational challenges, mostly stemming from inefficient manual processes. The company’s reliance on paper-based logistics and data handling caused tedious manual data entry, inefficiencies, and increased error risks. Digitization and automation are crucial for streamlining processes and reducing these challenges. The complex transportation process, requiring multiple approvals, resulted in delayed and inefficient deliveries.
Owing to manual information handling processes and inefficient communication between on-field and on-site teams, bottlenecks emerged between pickup and delivery. The absence of real-time information tracking hindered handlers from gaining visibility of pick-up and delivery cycles. Moreover, managers faced steep challenges in assigning and delegating tasks, leading to delays and lapses in reporting and deliveries.
Recognizing the clear need for streamlined, technology-enabled solutions that paved the way for digitization and automation, Richard Wright approached Trigent to implement a comprehensive system to boost operational efficiency for its enterprise.

Trigent Solution

Trigent proposed a comprehensive solution to address inefficiencies that were a direct result of the company’s reliance on paper-based logistics and manual data handling. Digitization and automation are crucial for streamlining processes and reducing these challenges.
Trigent’s solution involved developing a mobile, cloud-native application to capture information accurately, make it instantly available in real-time, and improve coordination and communication between managers and field service personnel. This app facilitated the seamless capture of essential details such as photos and consent, which could be immediately uploaded for real-time viewing, significantly improving coordination throughout the transportation process. Managers were granted a comprehensive view of daily tasks, enabling them to assign and delegate responsibilities easily.
Other key aspects of Trigent’s solution included a meticulous assessment process for the condition of transported items, involving 35-40 parameters before collection. This ensured a thorough evaluation of the material’s condition. Additionally, the solution incorporated pictorial representations to identify defects and deficiencies, providing full visibility to all stakeholders involved in the transportation process. This approach not only streamlined operations but also enhanced the company’s overall quality control and communication.

Client Benefits:

Trigent’s innovative solution boosted the client’s transportation and logistics services by addressing manual inefficiencies through a mobile application, offering real-time information capture and seamless coordination.
Through the advanced FSM solution, the client was able to:

Technology Stack: