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Trigent’s QA and Testing enables test coverage improvement by 74% for a leading cybersecurity company in the US

The speed at which they’re able to understand the product is impressive. Trigent Software delivers everything that’s asked of them (in terms of software testing and automation) each sprint. The team is excellent at getting up to speed with new technologies. They’re an organized team that gets the job done.

About the Client

Our client is a leading US company that offers Encrypted Document Collaboration and Email for CMMC and ITAR compliance for business and personal use.
The client’s encrypted email service addresses CMMC requirements for communication and storage of confidential user data & information. At the same time, it allows users to encrypt, store and share their files without fear of vulnerabilities and easily access these files from their computers or mobile devices.

Business Challenge

The client is known for its end-to-end encrypted mail service, unrivaled in the industry for its IT security, privacy, and ease of use. Business growth and an evolving market required the client to constantly scale its product features and support new platforms while neutralizing new threats. The organization needed to validate the design and rebuild the software as per client requirements based on three critical parameters.
End-to-end encryption; where the server has no access to private keys
No central point of attack is allowed; wherein no data leakage happens due to compromise of single person or machine
High-quality user experience; ease of use in terms of integration with existing applications and systems
Figure 1 – In the client’s system (shown above left), the servers only store encrypted content, and the decryption keys are only on user devices. Other service providers (pictured above right) may encrypt documents with user-specific keys. Still, these keys are stored on and accessible by the service provider that meant employees or hackers who obtain access to the server can potentially access all user information.
The organization sought a team of experts who could maximize test coverage across several OS and device combinations. To ensure risk coverage, the organization desired to scale testing with Intelligent Test Automation that enabled continuous functional and regression testing across all business process flows.

Trigent Solution

The organization partnered with Trigent to augment its QA capabilities. To ensure release readiness, Trigent suggested a continuous testing strategy with a test suite. Trigent’s continuous testing strategy addressed the requirements with a custom test suite to ensure the product was tested and validated in real-time scenarios with regard to test traceability, coverage, bug status, code quality, and static code analysis , across various critical areas, such as functional, regression, Combinational cross-version and cross-devices, and exploratory testing. The design of the test solution factored in the unique technical considerations such as:

Functional Testing

Trigent is designed to cover various combinations and edge/hand-off scenarios to ensure maximum coverage of application features across both web and mobile. We ran tests across different OS/ device combinations with combinatorial testing to provide early high-risk coverage.

Assurance Coverage

Web Automation

A Selenium-based test framework using Pytest library underpinned the automation strategy . The framework covered all the business process flows and simultaneously calculated the percentage of test cases handled via the automation framework compared to the total number of test cases. An emphasis was placed on test data design for the features to ensure adequate coverage.

Smoke test suites performed sanity checks of each new build. With time, the automation covered nearly four-fifths of the regression test cases, which increased the automation percentage.

Selenium PyTest Architectural Diagram

Client Benefits:

Technology Stack: