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A cohesive, connected CX that will delight your customers is achievable only by integrating like AI, Big Data, and Robotic Process Automation. Leverage these technologies with a confident adoption fostered through relevance to achieve your key business objectives using our solutions. You can now lean into our comprehensive quality assurance and software testing solutions that help with agile development, adding more value to your digitization efforts.

Use our expertise to ensure 100% test coverage for your next-gen application.

Our Offerings

IoT Testing

IoT has made significant advancements in several industries. We offer a full range of IoT testing services that can handle various sensors and devices that operate with various communication protocols.

IoT Applications Testing

We test intelligent apps and provide functional, performance, and API testing.


Our testing covers standards/protocols, including Zigbee, Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, NFC, SIGFOX, and more.

Security Testing

We test to ensure that the apps are secure, the data connection and transfers are encrypted, and privacy is assured.

Data Management and Analytics Testing

Our tests will ensure data collected through API are validated and stored in compliance with the privacy needs of the business.

UX Testing

Our UX testing identifies frictions, measures user retention and allows you to create a superior UX experience.

AI/ML Testing

AI is getting more prevalent. Testing AI/ML-based systems are much more complex than traditional software. Trigent’s AI assurance covers risks that may be introduced by the technology adoption, model behavior, privacy, security & ethical risks.

Data Curation and Validation

We curate, label video, image, and textual data and verify the test data used by your AI system. We perform data accuracy testing to validate if the data represents the real-world.

Model Validation

We divide the data into testing, training, and validation sets and perform various cross-validation tests on smaller subsets of the test datasets.

Non-functional Testing

This will produce operational metrics such as inference speed, classification accuracy, and mean absolute error.

Blockchain Testing

Using blockchain, enterprises can supercharge disruptive technologies such as AI and IoT to manage supply chains securely. We offer a host of technology testing solutions that complement or combine with blockchain to amplify its value to deliver a seamless connected customer experience. We enable enterprises to build and utilize blockchain technology and infrastructure securely. This new-age technology promises a great future and multiple opportunities in parallel in Software Testing and Quality. Assurance for Blockchain applications.
Our blockchain and security experts test your enterprise’s entire blockchain environment or only blockchain’s technical elements. Successful testing in this context comprises validating web and mobile applications that interact with APIs, blockchain technology aspects, public key infrastructure(PKI), configuration, user certificates, and networks.