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Reshaping BFSI for the digital age
Digital technology is spurring financial institutions >
Today’s market shifts and disruptions result from heightened internet use and digitization. Every organization in this sphere focuses on getting information to the customer’s fingertips, thereby fuelling digital transformation. Although systems are in place, regulatory scrutiny affects the industry’s revenue growth and operating efficiencies. Unless the two are addressed, a high-risk situation could fall upon financial and wealth management institutions, including retail banks and real estate investment trusts. Some of the risks specific to this sector include misaligned business processes and information silos that affect operations and information security.
We are impressed with their attention to detail, project management, and dedication to our project’s success. Trigent Software’s efforts have helped the client build higher quality products and become less dependent on their user acceptance testing process.
– VP Digital Systems – Financial Firm
Additionally, several disruptive technologies and fintech trends, are gaining a quick foothold in the industry. Established financial institutions, retail banks, wealth management enterprises, and real estate investment trusts must address the challenges and assimilate these latest technology trends to serve customers better and cement brand loyalty.
What is required is a holistic approach to seamlessly integrate development and operations via automation, standardization, and resource management, which is the mantra for futuristic financial institutions.
Trigent offers a full array of innovative and focused services portfolios addressing automation, standardization, and resource management needs – helping companies stay ahead of the game.

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Service Offerings

Retail Banking

Retail banking customers prefer doing everything remotely – transactions, advice, or purchases – using multiple digital channels. Retail banks view this as a significant cost center, but this dynamic needs to be reversed, considering the future of banking. Instead of approaching it as a cost, retail banks should provide omnichannel service and accelerate the transformation of core banking systems to retain existing customers and attract new customers.

We make retail banking genuinely customer-centric. We enable superior digital experiences by leveraging disruptive technologies, APIs, and DevOps to optimize infrastructure and adopt a futuristic attitude to accelerate retail banking business models.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

The real estate market is a booming component of global financial business, and REITs occupy a significant position. Efficient business applications are critical for making the right investment decisions. Real estate investors working in REITs must make informed decisions regarding sales and trends to maximize profits. But finding the right mix of systems to improve performance, internal business processes, and ROI has become daunting.
We understand the unique needs of real estate investment trust managers – Equity and Mortgage REITs. We offer the perfect combination of technical expertise and deep domain understanding to deliver impactful solutions to meet those needs successfully.

Wealth Management

The global wealth management industry is expected to reach $3.4 Trillion by 2030. The industry constantly innovates with different product mixes that are launched to outperform the market and deliver superior returns for investors

To differentiate oneself in the fiercely competitive market and to meet growing customer expectations, developing a next-gen version of the wealth management application is imperative.
Digitization of wealth management provides opportunities to increase revenue and lower the cost-to-serve using digitally-enabled client relationships, increased front-office productivity, and operational excellence.
We leverage our industry experience in wealth management and provide services in business strategy, process re-engineering, risk evaluation, and platform support.


Financial companies have redefined innovation in their business. They are changing the market dynamics by focusing on emerging technologies that have the potential to provide a renewed experience to their customers. A secure interface and robust performance define the success factors for this domain.
We partner with FinTech companies to expand their businesses, improve customer service and processes, or cut costs through automation.

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