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Infrastructure Services

Build an agile infrastructure to meet your business needs

Even the best brands are struggling to match client expectations in the current digital era. Businesses focus on embracing digital transformation to improve customer experience. Many companies prioritize updating applications and processes above software infrastructure. Over time, this approach might bottleneck infrastructure. Ensure that this does not happen to you. Experience Trigent’s full-stack cloud platform’s IaaS solution for virtualized computing, storage, and network.


Innovative and intelligent software infrastructure to meet future business growth


Improve agility and flexibility with technology-agnostic solutions

Design & build

A highly agile, scalable, and responsive IT computing infrastructure


Enabling rapid deployment and provisioning of computing infrastructure resources

Managed services

Get peace of mind with ongoing monitoring and configuration support

Is infrastructure slowing your digital transformation? Plan your transformation with a discovery assessment.

Service Offerings

Data Center Management

Gain a holistic view of your data centers’ performance and optimize your infrastructure with our comprehensive services. We specialize in consolidation, cloud migration, transformation, and virtualization, ensuring your data centers operate at peak efficiency.

Server Management

We offer comprehensive Systems Management Services for remote, physical, or virtual servers. From incident monitoring to patch management and security, we ensure your server infrastructure performs at its best.

Storage Management

We offer comprehensive storage management services, including provisioning, performance monitoring, workload placement, and capacity management. Our team ensures smooth day-to-day operations, problem resolution, and change management for your storage environment.

Network and Security Services

We provide end-to-end network infrastructure solutions for reliability, performance, and cyber resilience. From data center transformation to security services, we offer operational management, incident response, and compliance support. Build a standardized and secure network environment with our expertise.

Workplace Modernization

Transform your workforce with seamless digital experiences. Our services offer fast and secure deployment of digital workspaces, empowering productivity and efficiency. From asset management to unified communication, we deliver transformative solutions for a secure and personalized end-user experience.

Virtual Command Center

Trigent’s Virtual Command Center (VCC) delivers proactive and intelligent 24×7 management of your IT infrastructure, ensuring high availability and performance. With our VCC solution, your employees can seamlessly access business-critical IT resources from anywhere, anytime.

Disaster Recovery & Back-up

Ensure business continuity with our comprehensive planning and deployment services. From robust recovery plans to data replication and backup, we provide reliable solutions for your systems and applications. Trust us to handle your periodic failover testing and ensure seamless operations even in challenging situations.

Our Capabilities

Our technology expertise, along with proven delivery methodologies, tools, and processes, ensure that you enjoy a seamless transformation without any business disruption or undue cost and time overruns. To build your transformation roadmap, we suggest you begin this journey with discovery or assessment.

Discovery: We are listening

The discovery phase helps us understand your business goals and IT environment. The assessment findings are divided into two categories.
  • Health Result: Relates to the current state of the environment. Are the key components and services functioning as they should, are systems online and responsive, and so on.
  • Risk Result: Relevant to the future environment’s potential status. Are there processes, paperwork, and systems to prevent future environmental issues? This includes change control, monitoring, SLAs, training, etc.
We create a remediation plan based on the evaluation, IT goals, business effect, and organizational value. The tailored and prioritized plan improves Active Directory.

Infrastructure maturity continuum

We implement best practices, build a strategy, and mature your IT environment to improve services.
  • Level One: Disparate tools, standalone systems, non-standard technologies, processes, and procedures define this level.
  • Level Two: This level includes infrastructure with systems, tools, and processes without standardization. Without standardization, digital transformation will be adapted through ad hoc decisions, which can ultimately be more detrimental than advantageous.
  • Level Three: Tools and processes are in place, but infrastructure may be expensive. Perhaps data is stored in-house, and the cost of running a data center outweighs the benefits.
  • Level Four: Moving infrastructure to the cloud enables transformation. Platforms and apps that can be moved to the cloud without disrupting business processes replace legacy systems.
  • Level Five: IT infrastructure maturity integrates tools, technologies, processes, and practices.

Engagement models

Trigent’s global delivery methodology gives customers a “follow the sun” edge. This delivery approach lets you focus on your strengths while our international team manages your technology operations.

Transformational approach

Tomorrow’s competitive demands require a nimble IT infrastructure that is adaptable to new business models, scalable, reliable, and performance-oriented. Our approach helps you prioritize your infrastructure transformation, align it with your business goals, establish team consensus on issues and priorities, define critical actions for closing gaps, and demonstrate the benefits.

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