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Introducing Trigent QMetrix: Industry's First Dashboard that Quantifies Dev-Test-Ops Quality

| Southborough, MA
Trigent, a leading US-based technology services provider, launched Trigent Quality Experience Metrics (Trigent QMetrix) — an innovative dashboard that quantifies software quality. As a unique service offering, Trigent QMetrix is designed to objectively assess and seamlessly measure software quality during development. This marks a shift from reviewing metrics post-software deployment, enabling organizations to set new benchmarks of excellence.
Trigent QMetrix automatically gathers data from Dev-Test-Ops systems in one place, making it easy to process and analyze. It introduces pivotal metrics—Release Readiness, Release Velocity, and Engineering Score—empowering CxOs with nuanced insights for decision-making. Release Readiness identifies software readiness for launch, pinpointing areas for expedited deployment. Release Velocity quantifies monthly deployable releases, assessing team capacity to meet market demands. Engineering Score evaluates overall Dev-Test-Ops team quality, identifying high and low-performing processes and teams. Role-based metrics, tailored for CxOs, business heads, and developers/testers, enhance automation, enabling quick responses through notifications and alerts and initiate workflows for quicker responses.
Trigent QMetrix addresses limitations in current quality metrics by breaking down data silos, providing consolidated reports on-demand, introducing fresh perspectives with new metrics, and offering demonstrable milestones to track progress.
Chella Palaniappan, President, Client Services, Trigent, remarked, “Trigent QMetrix is a game-changer in our commitment to precision and agility in software quality assessment. In a dynamic market, where speed and excellence are imperative, it empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the development lifecycle with unparalleled precision, setting new benchmarks for quality and efficiency.”

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