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Managed Infrastructure: A Key to Achieve More with Less

According to Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR) on the US Mid-market, there is a discernible surge in confidence among business leaders regarding their future prospects. A remarkable 70% of mid-market leaders anticipate an increase in profits over the next year. This heightened confidence seems intricately tied to lowering fears of recession and the hopes for stability in input costs affected by the ongoing challenges posed by COVID and geopolitical uncertainties.

However, this positive market sentiment adds a dynamic layer to the considerations mid-market leaders like you already face, intertwining the existing IT landscape with the broader canvas of evolving market dynamics.

The Mid-market Conundrum

As an enterprise leader, navigating this intricate landscape and the swift currents of technological change presents a formidable challenge for your organization:

Your competitors are swiftly integrating new technologies into their business operations, setting the pace for the industry. The imperative is clear – adapt or risk being left in the rearview. Now, you face a critical decision: either invest valuable time and resources in retraining your internal IT team to master these innovations or embark on the intricate journey of recruiting fresh talent.

Both paths demand considerable time and financial commitments, yet offer no guarantees that your team will be adequately equipped to meet the ever-shifting challenges that lie ahead.

You truly need a solution that provides your in-house team with specialized assistance precisely when required. Imagine a scenario where the expertise at your disposal can flexibly adapt to the changing needs of your business.

This strategic approach enables your business to respond swiftly to market changes and ensures that you have access to the right skills at the right time. Crucially, it allows you to maintain high team morale while gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage in the dynamic business landscape.

In short, your goal becomes “Achieve more with less.”

But, Can You Achieve More with Less?

Yes, you can. That is where Managed Infrastructure Services come into the picture. 

Why Managed Infrastructure Services

It goes beyond conventional IT support by augmenting your in-house team with the ability to deal with the changing aspects of your IT infrastructure with a partner with the best-in-class expertise. What distinguishes this approach is the Managed Services Provider’s comprehensive responsibility for optimizing actions to achieve specific infrastructure outcomes, ensuring the desired results and efficient resource management.

Let’s illustrate this with an example.

Last year during the Black Friday sale, an electronics retail mid-market enterprise faced significant challenges as their internal team lacked the expertise to implement capacity planning for the holiday shopping. The surge in online traffic during the sale overwhelmed their unoptimized infrastructure, leading to slow website performance, frequent crashes, and a heightened risk of cybersecurity threats. The firm struggled to respond to the surge and scale people and tech resources dynamically, which resulted in a poor customer experience, unaccounted revenue loss, and the ad-hoc patch fixes compromised data security.

Learning from that, the retail firm partnered with a managed infrastructure services provider to efficiently navigate this year’s Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Sale. The partner’s technology team has undertaken to right-size the Cloud Infrastructure for the surge in traffic, build in suitable redundancies, configure for scale capacity up/down as needed, and balance infra costs with performance and system availability. Real-time monitoring and proactive security measures are being taken to protect against cyber threats to ensure a secure shopping experience. 

The strategic outsourcing of infrastructure management empowers the retailer to focus on product marketing and maximizing sales opportunities during Black Friday.

CIOs Embracing Managed Infrastructure for ZeroOps

‘ZeroOps’ is a concept that enterprises are increasingly placing special emphasis on. So, if you’re a CIO guiding a mid-market enterprise, this section should be of particular interest to you

One of the key aspects of Managed Infrastructure for CIOs is that they can usher in a transformative era of ZeroOps efficiency. 

By entrusting the intricacies of infrastructure management to experts, CIOs not only streamline operations but also unlock a realm of strategic possibilities. The automation of provisioning, configuration, and monitoring aligns seamlessly with ZeroOps principles, liberating valuable resources from mundane tasks. 

This enhances operational efficiency and positions CIOs to be architects of innovation. With the burden of routine maintenance lifted, CIOs can lead their teams in charting new technological frontiers, driving digital innovation, and fortifying the enterprise’s competitive edge. The shift to ZeroOps through Managed Infrastructure Services becomes a strategic enabler, allowing CIOs to focus on orchestrating technological advancements that propel their organizations forward in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Trigent Infrastructure Services: Achieve More with Less

At Trigent, our Infrastructure Services are designed with a commitment to Zero Ops that aims to empower your organization with best-in-class cloud, security, and AI expertise. By seamlessly integrating our specialized services, you can redirect your in-house IT team’s focus toward core systems support, maximizing productivity and innovation while we handle the intricacies of managing and optimizing your infrastructure. 

Let’s dig deeper into the four key pillars of Trigent Infrastructure Services and how your enterprise can benefit from them:

1. Optimize and Manage Cloud Infrastructure

a. Multi and Hybrid Cloud Deployments: Navigating the intricacies of multi and hybrid cloud environments is a shared challenge for mid-market enterprises like yours. With Trigent’s Managed Infrastructure Services, gain the expertise to seamlessly integrate diverse cloud deployments, ensuring a unified and efficient infrastructure tailored to your unique needs.

b. Serverless Container Orchestration and Configuration: Embrace serverless architectures effortlessly with our container orchestration and configuration proficiency. This enhances scalability and streamlines deployment, enabling agile responses to your evolving business requirements.

c. Balance Performance and Cost: Tackling the perpetual balancing act between performance and cost, our best-in-class experts ensure continuous optimization based on real-time business requirements. Scale resources up or down with agility, ensuring optimal performance without unnecessary expenditure.

2. Prevent Cybersecurity and Ransomware Threats

a. Zero-Trust, Encryption, or Confidential Computing: Embrace a zero-trust approach with our expertise in robust encryption and confidential computing mechanisms. Fortify your applications, data, and overall security posture, mitigating the risks of evolving cybersecurity threats.

b. Effective Device Management in Hybrid Environments: Effective device management is critical in the hybrid work environment. Trust our infrastructure experts to implement comprehensive strategies to secure your devices, ensuring a resilient infrastructure in the face of dynamic remote and on-premises work scenarios.

c. Systems and Protocols for Threat Prevention: With sophisticated systems and protocols, our comprehensive cybersecurity services act as a shield against ransomware, phishing, and malware threats. With us, proactive threat prevention becomes a cornerstone of your secure digital ecosystem.

3. Automate and Adopt Zero Ops with Managed Infra Services

a. Infra Automation of IT Processes: Trigent Managed Infrastructure Services liberate your valuable resources by automating routine IT processes. This strategic automation allows your skilled personnel to focus on more complex tasks, fostering innovation and efficiency.

b. Managed Services for Manual Intervention: Whether tasks require local or remote intervention, we offer expert management, ensuring seamless operations without the burden of manual intricacies and optimizing resource allocation.

c. Continuous Tech Debt Reduction: With us, adopting a contemporary tech stack is coupled with a commitment to continuously reducing tech debt. Our Managed Infrastructure Services pave your enterprise the way for a modern, efficient IT infrastructure aligned with the latest technological advancements.

4. Prevent and Predict Issues with Data Analytics

a. AIOps for IT Automation Optimization: Advanced IT Operations (AIOps) is pivotal in optimizing IT automation for our clients across business verticals. This intelligent approach ensures that your IT operations are finely tuned to your business needs, enhancing overall efficiency.

b. Capacity Planning and Resource Allocation/Optimization: Trigent’s Managed Infrastructure Services strategically integrate meticulous capacity planning and resource allocation, guaranteeing that your organization’s infrastructure seamlessly aligns with dynamic requirements. With Trigent as your partner, experience the continual advantage of an infrastructure precisely tailored to your evolving needs.

c. Predict/Prevent Failures: By leveraging data analytics, Trigent’s services empower your enterprise to predict and prevent failures across code, capacity, and security domains. This foresight minimizes downtime and reinforces the resilience of your digital infrastructure. With Trigent as your strategic partner, navigate the future confidently and efficiently.

Conclusion: Navigate Future Horizons with the Right Infrastructure Partner

Going forward, the importance of Managed Infrastructure Services as a catalyst for future scalability cannot be overstated. As every business charts a course for growth, finding the right partner becomes paramount. 

Trigent Infrastructure Services, besides streamlining and optimizing your current operations, also strategically positions your organization for the opportunities that lie ahead. By entrusting the complexities of cloud management, cybersecurity, and AI expertise to a trusted partner like us, you can redirect your focus to core systems support, fostering a culture of innovation. 

To achieve more with less, connect with our infrastructure experts today


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Managed Infrastructure: A Key to Achieve More with Less