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Give your business the edge through seamless collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint

Why Microsoft SharePoint?

The work scene is changing dramatically as hybrid becomes mainstream across workplaces. Greater collaboration and digital processes now lie at the core of all the work. The massive amount of unorganized data, when seen through the lens of content, can be overwhelming. 

Unstructured content and complex workflows compel organizations to look for platforms and solutions that can ensure security while adding greater functionality to content management. Those who understand the value of having a content-management product that brings order in the mad chaos caused by content choose SharePoint by Microsoft.

Microsoft Sharepoint for businesses

So what makes Microsoft SharePoint stand out from the crowd?

According to a survey, organizations are seen prioritizing digital transformation, cybersecurity, and strategic cloud migration, and while doing so, they are ready to move from one operating environment to another. In fact, many organizations have already deployed Microsoft SharePoint, which is smooth and effective. SharePoint offers a centralized platform for employees to collaborate and synchronize their daily tasks in a digital work environment.

For instance, Toyota Europe changed how its people collaborated during COVID-19 using SharePoint. It became the much-needed tool to establish a broader community as Tine Slabbinck, Manager of the Business Productivity team, points out, “We established the Know It community, a portal on Teams and SharePoint where people can find key information about the Microsoft 365 tools with FAQs and videos. It’s a space for employees to ask questions and for our digital influencers to contribute and guide people.”

In 2020, the number of SharePoint users had doubled, with over 200 million monthly active users in the cloud as enterprises from around the world leveraged SharePoint-powered experiences for collaboration, document management, content protection, and more.

Transitioning to an application app like Microsoft SharePoint gives users a chance to navigate and work with documents stored in silos. There’s a reason, plenty of them actually, that makes Microsoft a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms for the fifth year in a row.

Let’s find out.

Collaboration for better growth and document management

With Microsoft SharePoint, you can get more organized with your documents and store and share them in a more effective manner. Coworkers get to access and learn at their own pace and requirements and even contribute if they want to. It offers a 360-degree view to business leaders on the progress of a particular project and allows them to monitor the activity around documents and resources. This kind of collaboration also gives project managers a chance to spot flaws in their approach and rectify them on the go.

The biggest advantage is real-time editing which comes with fast and easy integrations with Microsoft Office and Windows. Different participants are given the right to manage and edit depending on the project requirement to enable coworkers to work collectively on a given task. This kind of collaboration also saves a huge amount of time since teammates and coworkers do not have to spend time individually raising a request or querying a corporate file server and getting the necessary permissions to access the documents they need.

Categorization to help address issues faster

For vast conglomerates, where proper categorization of documents is extremely critical to function smoothly since certain data is made available even to the general public, Microsoft SharePoint saves the day.

It allows them to build a fast-paced work environment where all the employees are granted suitable access to the documents they need to resolve issues and address customer complaints quickly and effectively. Especially when content databases belong to the same web application, sharing becomes easier and gives business leaders an opportunity to converge these sites. The biggest advantage comes to those who work in disparate locations. With no restrictions related to location or IP that are typically associated with intranet sites, remote and hybrid working models have become very successful with Microsoft SharePoint.

Greater functionality and features to do more

There are other interesting things you can do with Microsoft SharePoint. Some of the most extraordinary features offered include managing portal creation and authoring on the site. You get workflow features to introduce cohesion and automation into the environment to manage deliverables. These range from signature collections to document reviews to speed up feedback and approvals for tasks and projects.

Every time changes are made to the folders, libraries, and documents, all users receive alerts. Microsoft SharePoint allows users to tide over the typical challenges posed by conventional manual approaches to work and offers the necessary support to users to help them achieve their full potential.

Seamless integration to increase productivity

Businesses tend to get habituated to certain environments and rely on different apps and tools to do their work. There is often a bit of a reluctance to switch to something new. Microsoft SharePoint enables users to use the tools they want with centralization features to speed up productivity and help manage tedious repetitive tasks. It can easily integrate with myriad digital transformation tools like Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Enterprise Resource Planning, and popular Customer Relationship Management Systems to improve business productivity and facilitate work routines.

Other things it allows include redesigning the user interface to align with the branding of the organization and enhance employee engagement. Content management is another area from where Microsoft SharePoint gets its winning streak. It enables task automation by allowing users to devise a content schedule to work as per the release dates for various websites and choose the internal as well as external parties that can see it. What’s more; SharePoint lets users convert documents into diverse formats such as PDF and Word to ensure compatibility, consistency, and interoperability while working with different devices, apps, and operating systems.

Customization to boost individual and collective efficiency

When it comes to things like content structure and themes, there is no right and wrong. Everyone wants the product features configured to suit their preferences. Customization, therefore, is a critical offering of Microsoft SharePoint. It allows users to add greater functionality with reusable widgets and extensions. With SharePoint, organizations can determine the styles, colors, and layouts of landing pages and master pages to give them the distinctive look and feel of their brand. They can add or remove links as often as they want to offer smooth navigation panels and quick links.

You can develop new and innovative workflows for different purposes using tools like Microsoft Flow, Visual Studio, and SharePoint Designer. You can decide the extent of customization depending on whether you are operating in a SharePoint online or cloud deployment or an On-premise or Server Deployment. The server-side code runs on the SharePoint servers allowing users infinite possibilities when it comes to customization.

While on its growth journey, Danish shipping company Cadeler is increasing efficiency in file and record handling with SharePoint. It wanted cloud flexibility along with greater security and compliance while facilitating collaboration for its suppliers, stakeholders, and customers. It built a robust document management system within a standard SharePoint Online environment to enable a seamless experience for all.

Uncover limitless capabilities through SharePoint adoption with Trigent

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Our technology experts can help you streamline workflows and empower you to improve productivity and processes. At reduced deployment costs, you can leverage SharePoint capabilities to improve the ROI.

There’s a lot you can do with SharePoint. Book a business consultation today to know more.


Give your business the edge through seamless collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint