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Data Engineering Services

Redefine Your Data Narrative, Fuel Innovation, and Gain a Superior Edge
Everyone recognizes the value of Data and its benefits when used correctly. The question however is ‘How do I get started? Which data is relevant? Which is the right technology for me?’.

The range of solution options means there definitely exists a product that’s right for your business – The challenge is to identify the product that is the best fit. With Trigent’s Data Engineering Services, we’ve helped businesses evolve from using data and reports for performance tracking to gaining a competitive advantage with data-driven product innovations.

Orchestrate data pipes to gather data, unlock the hidden potential of raw, unstructured data, and use cloud architectures and AI models for analytics or business insights with our proprietary Solution Frameworks.

Our custom data engineering services transcend traditional boundaries, break down silos and organize your data to help you gain a competitive advantage.

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Service Offerings

Data Engineering Consulting

With Trigent’s expert consulting, enterprises like yours can harness the full power of data from different sources, including IoT networks and multiple cloud and data warehousing platforms. Choose the right platforms and tools to optimize your data pipelines and integrate predictive data models to automate real-time decision-making and forecast demands based on advanced data-driven insights powered by A algorithms. Our solutions transform terabytes and petabytes into actionable insights, help you effortlessly manage data and analytics overload, and seamlessly integrate data, charting a course for your organization to amplify technological transformation and outshine competitors.

Cloud Data Platform Architecture

Empower your enterprise with Trigent’s cloud-driven analytics to leverage the full potential of cloud data warehouses, data lakes, and real-time analytics. We help design strategic cloud adoption roadmaps that can propel your organization toward a highly competitive and data-centric future by optimizing costs and resources.

DataOps Services

Embrace the future of data agility with Trigent’s DataOps accelerators to automate the entire data lifecycle, from ingestion to deployment, unlocking actionable insights and fostering enhanced collaboration. Ensure data reliability, quality, and availability, transforming not just your analytics models but the very fabric of your intelligence systems with advanced DataOps services.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Transcend data limitations with Trigent’s Analytics and Visualization expertise. We craft narratives that go beyond the numbers, transforming raw data into compelling visual stories. Our services amplify your analytics models, providing a lens into actionable insights that not only untangle your data but position your enterprise as a technology-driven powerhouse, ready to redefine industry norms.

Tech Expertise

Why Trigent?

Trigent offers custom-built data engineering services that cover all aspects from data collection to integration to predictive analytics models that automate data-driven decision-making. With Trigent, you get:

Tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with business objectives

Custom-built data warehouses for enhanced scale and performance

Seamless integration and migration of data across platforms

Advanced ML-powered algorithms that automate data-driven decision-making.

Key Clients

Case Studies


Trigent’s solution eliminated all information silos and enhanced communication throughout the company with a single source of truth. The solution provides a centralized view of our business data, enabling us to make better decisions and increase sales.
– An asset-based third-party logistics provider

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