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A Peek Into Manifest 2024 Through Trigent’s Lens

The recently concluded 2024 Manifest conference was a melting pot of ideas, connections, and forward-thinking strategies to build the supply chain and logistics future. As a sponsor, Trigent had the privilege of connecting with several Fortune 500 global supply chain executives, logistics service providers, investors, and innovators who are at the forefront of supply chain and logistics tech. 

After a rocky 2023, the 2024 market is expected to stabilize. In the face of past difficulties, the industry has showcased resilience to become customer-centric, efficient, and reliable. The sector aims to leverage cutting-edge tech to fortify against future challenges. 

In this blog, we have encapsulated some insights from the Manifest 2024. So, please have a read and share your thoughts with us. The conference brought together the most comprehensive ecosystem of shippers, carriers, investors, brokers, and 3PLs constantly transforming and innovating end-to-end supply chain logistics. Here’s what they had to say: 

Automation and Robotics at the Epicenter of Optimizing Workflows and Processes- 

The conference was a technological eye-opener in showcasing autonomous yard tractors and unloading a trailer in just 90 seconds. Multiple presentations and sessions at the conference explored the potential of robotics and automation in revolutionizing warehousing workflows and operations. Unique perspectives on the seamless integration of automation into the untapped areas of warehouse operations were shared by the leaders of Locus Robotics, Interwoven Ventures, and Agility Robotics. 

The conference witnessed several discussions on enhanced employee productivity. HeroWear, makers of a lightweight back-assist exosuit that integrates science and comfort,  showcased data on improvements in worker fatigues and reduced probability of strain and injury while enhancing the bottom line through dramatic productivity improvements. With AI/ML, robots have continued to evolve; a sector that has witnessed a significant boom is 3D vision. At Manifest 2024, Mushiny Robotics hosted talks about the 3D sorting technology and its impact on the supply chain. 

An explicit requirement was to leverage low-code automation for productivity gains and swift ROI. Organizations sought an experienced technology partner with ready-to-use software bots configured or customized to suit the TMS and Enterprise Applications.

A Divided Front on the AI/ML, but The Future is Promising

The AI/ML revolution is underway in the bustling FreightTech industry. The conference witnessed trucking companies discuss the potential and pitfalls of AI and ML in the industry. Under the purview of AI/ML, the industry leaders spoke about data analysis, predictive maintenance, and touchless appointments. Though the FreightTech industry embraced digitalization, AI/ML presents unique challenges and opportunities for an efficient, data-driven logistics sector. 

Ardent advocates of AI, like the EVP and CIO of Werner Enterprises, discussed the potential of technology, ranging from chatbots addressing driver queries to predictive insight on pricing and maintenance. Additionally, there were several sessions on AI’s potential to analyze data from modern trucks, prevent costly breakdowns, and streamline operations. On the other hand, the President of integrated logistics at NFI Industries cautioned against the challenges employees may face while interacting with the technology due to terminology differences. 

Leaders and technologists must find a pathway and carve out a roadmap to augment the human workforce. Organizations must seek technology partners who integrate their systems with ethical, responsible, and Perceptive AI. 

Multimodal Supply Chain Orchestration- The Most Significant Buzzword in Supply Chain

Multimodal supply chain has gained significant momentum as the most efficient transportation method. By optimizing each leg to the mode best suited to it, a logistics provider can enhance and maximize customer satisfaction. This requires breaking the process of siloed thinking and adopting end-to-end collaboration. At the conference, the COO of the Intermodal Association of North America shed light on the value proposition of intermodal and the importance of seamless integration, streamlined operations, and real-time visibility to remove the bottlenecks and accelerate innovation. Though leaders remain divided on shifting from EDI to open APIs for better data exchange for seamless communications, they showed subsequent interest in interacting with technology companies with several integration frameworks. 

With a focus on minimizing transit time, reducing overall shipping costs, and achieving seamless cross-border shipping, several organizations like ConGlobal, Commtrex, and Parallel Systems discussed the role of transloading in shipping and its technological evolution. 

Themes That Require Special Mentions

The conference focused on charting the future of logistics, transportation, and mobility, which involved comprehensive connectivity between software-spanning devices and locations. Esteemed organizations such as Nevomo Technologies and Maniv Mobility discussed the intelligent infrastructure requirements and crucial aspects of executing advancements. Additionally, several round table discussions highlighted the pivotal role of ESG initiatives within the supply chain and logistics industry.

Trigent- A Partner to Accelerate your Next Technological Breakthrough 

As a sponsor of the 2024 Manifest, Trigent delved into the discussions about cutting-edge technologies. At the conference, Trigent unveiled Trigent AXLR8 Labs for Transportation and Logistics. With its product studio, ninja teams, 30+ ready-to-use software bots, and 60+ integration frameworks into the national and global logistics ecosystem, Trigent AXLR8 Labs is a tech accelerator that empowers shippers, carriers, brokers, and 3PLs to accelerate digital transformation. 

With a focus on creating accelerated digital experiences that enable organizations to build dynamic pricing, optimize fleet usage, and offer real-time shipment tracking, Trigent is dedicated to empowering FreightTechs to grow at warp speed.

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A Peek Into Manifest 2024 Through Trigent’s Lens