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Salesforce Integration Services

Deliver a Connected Customer Experience with Salesforce
Leveraging salesforce the right way can immensely benefit your business, transforming your organization from a technology-using to a technology-driven enterprise.
Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate customer experiences and become a customer-centric organization by adopting a technology-first approach!
Our Salesforce Integration Services involve refining workflows, automating complex processes, and extracting actionable insights from data across multiple channels. From seamless data handling to efficient migrations and custom interface development that enhances user experiences, we offer deep technical solutions that perfectly align with your enterprise’s aspirations of becoming a technology-driven force.
Whether you’re streamlining workflows for increased efficiency or ensuring a seamless data migration process, our team offers practical solutions aligned with your precise business objectives.
Our 28+ years of industry leadership, a team of over 100 certified professionals, and an onboarding process that is 2x faster than the industry standard will ensure that your company rises to new heights by becoming a technology-driven enterprise.

Kickstart your Salesforce implementation journey with us

Service Offerings

Salesforce Custom Application Development

Get deeper insights into customer journeys, enable effective user engagement, and boost productivity by enhancing AI+DATA and CRM. Our Salesforce Application Development services, coupled with our agile approach, ensure fast releases, continuous improvements, and bug-free applications.

Salesforce Application Development offerings:

Salesforce Application development approach:

Salesforce Integration

Our experts at Trigent possess extensive Salesforce knowledge, and are highly experienced in crafting effective strategies for Salesforce integration including direct integration and integration server solutions.
While direct integration utilizes APIs or direct database links for secure data exchange between systems and Salesforce, our integration server solutions offer versatile solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes, providing control over data flows across various models like cloud, on-premises, or enterprise service buses.
Our expertise spans diverse integrations covering security, UI, logic, and big data, offering a comprehensive strategy for a 360-degree view that enhances your Salesforce platform’s potential and ROI.

Our Salesforce Integration offerings:

Salesforce Data Migration

Effortlessly migrate existing systems and platforms to the Salesforce cloud with the help of our expert Salesforce consultants. Our thorough assessment of your existing cloud environments and cloud-native applications ensures a seamless transition of sensitive customer data, maintaining metadata relationships and regulatory compliance. More so, we use efficient ETL tools to migrate business-critical data, minimizing risk and ensuring accuracy.

Our Salesforce Data Migration approach:

Our Salesforce Offerings:

Salesforce Testing

Salesforce is widely used for CRM, but challenges include real-time integration, incomplete requirements, data mapping, migrations, and duplicates. Customization can create more challenges. Our experienced Salesforce testing practice ensures smooth app functionality, offering tailored solutions for all business sizes. Our forte lies in rapid test automation, end-to-end customer experience testing, performance engineering, and security testing.

What we offer

Trigent’s Salesforce Testing Practice

We offer many Salesforce Testing services that integrate with core Salesforce modules such as Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, and Health Cloud.

Case Studies


Trigent’s Salesforce services have helped us break down data silos and streamline storage. The solution now provides our team with faster access to data and more time to interpret insights from them.
– Reputed IT Firm

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