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Application Development & Maintenance Services

Build Future-Ready Applications for Competitive Advantage
Design and develop Custom Software Applications tailored to your current and future business needs. Deliver innovative customer experiences free of constraints imposed by off-the-shelf software products by using our Modern App Development approach to innovate rapidly with Cloud Native Architectures, Serverless Containers, Managed Databases, AI, DevOps, and inbuilt Monitoring.

Leverage our industry-specific code libraries for standard functions like data capture forms, shopping carts, digital payment interfaces, and more. Enable your engineering resources to focus on creating your product IP, ensuring software quality, and accelerating your development velocity. With software applications designed for scale, performance, resilience, and future-readiness, lead the market confidently by becoming a technology-driven enterprise.

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Service Offerings

Custom Application Development

At Trigent, we help craft a technological trajectory for your enterprise that goes beyond code to deliver strategic tech-transforming solutions. By leveraging Trigent’s Proprietary Trigent AXLR8 Labs, you can build web applications at lightning speed and significantly accelerate time to market. From ideation to creation and iteration, our team of experts will ensure your enterprise doesn’t just adopt technology but becomes a technology-driven force to take innovation to the next level.

Cloud-Native Applications

Develop scalable and resilient cloud-native applications using a serverless architecture, microservices, containerization, and custom APIs. Leverage dedicated cloud-native technologies and tools to ensure seamless deployment, efficient resource utilization, and easy scalability and create a robust foundation for cloud-based solutions.

Low-Code/No-Code Services

Empower your existing IT teams to build software at unparalleled speed and efficiency through Trigent’s LC/NC expertise. Choose the right platform for your business, navigate beyond customization and integration limitations commonly associated with today’s LC/NC platforms, and ensure your software’s scalability, performance, and security elements are on point. At Trigent, we guide you through a seamless journey from development to deployment, enabling you to build mission-critical software swiftly. Utilize our proprietary AXLR8 labs to customize applications, integrate seamlessly with third-party platforms using secure APIs, and deploy in any environment. Elevate user experiences with advanced technologies like AR/VR, data-driven analytics, and AI, and build intuitive and appealing user interfaces for maximum impact through our AXLR8 product studio. Experience efficient and impactful software development like never before with Trigent’s LC/NC services!

Mobile Applications Development

Explore various approaches in mobile app development, including native development, cross-platform frameworks, RAD, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Optimize user experience across devices while considering factors like performance, platform-specific features, and code reusability, achieving a balance between efficiency and versatility in mobile application development.

Usability, UI/UX, and CX Design

Revitalize products and re-architect applications with Trigent’s proprietary AXLR8 Labs’ Product Studio. Undertake meticulous technology stack upgrades, user experience enhancements, and scalability optimization through advanced functionalities embedded in the AXLR8 Product Studio. With a ninja team proficient in managing hybrid cloud architectures, scalability, and security, companies can ensure a seamless transformation and transition towards being technology-driven, minimizing overheads and maximizing outcomes for unparalleled growth.

Legacy Migration

Undertake a comprehensive and complete overhaul of existing tech stacks with a systematic plan to tackle the challenges associated with transitioning from outdated systems to modern, scalable architectures, ensuring minimal disruptions, data integrity, and optimized performance in the evolved technological landscape.

App Modernization and Maintenance

Seamlessly transition from Version X to Version Y of your software through meticulous app modernization and maintenance, powered by Trigent’s AXLR8 Product Studio. Trigent’s proprietary AXLR8 labs help you create product teams of the future by equipping them with advanced capabilities to build high-end, super-scalable, and enterprise-grade applications. Address evolving user needs and technological advancements, ensuring a smooth upgrade process, enhanced functionalities, and compatibility with the latest software ecosystem.

Systems Integration

Implement robust systems integration strategies to harmonize disparate software systems. Ensure seamless data flow, interoperability, and communication between applications, optimizing business processes and enhancing overall efficiency. Employ advanced integration techniques through custom APIs and automation tools to create a unified and streamlined technological ecosystem.

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Thanks to Trigent Software’s efforts, the daily order maximum throughput has increased by 150%. The firm’s order time processing has also been reduced by 30%–40%. The team’s listening skills allow them to produce what the client needs. Customers can expect flexibility and responsiveness from them.
– Norman Goh – Marketing, Experience & Systems VP, CanPrev

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Why Trigent?

Seamlessly Translate Ideas into Prototypes by utilizing Rapid Application Development (RAD) to create an interactive prototype.

Leverage Trigent’s Advanced AXLR8 Product Studio to build supremely capable applications with advanced user interfaces and custom features.

Optimize Testing and prioritize testing during development to address potential issues before releasing a user-ready product.

Optimize the Cost of Development by factoring in build, maintenance, testing, and functionality costs without overspending.

Application Development & Maintenance