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Insurance & InsurTech Services

Gain competitive advantage with an unbundled insurance stack

From micro insurance cover for shared economy rentals to policies tailored for the gig economy where customers can turn coverage ON/OFF from their mobile app – “Insurtech companies” are taking advantage of new technologies to serve a digitally savvy customer base. Relying on a digital customer interface for sales and service, insurtech companies and startups are adopting P2P, BlockChain, Micro-Insurance, IoT, UBI, and Big Data to create new products for target customer segments.

The speed at which they’re able to understand the product is impressive. They’ve accomplished all the tasks that we used for every sprint.
– Socotra

Create a competitive advantage for your business by leveraging the best-in-class technologies.

Service Offerings

Modern Applications

Design, build, and operate digital applications, products, and consumer portals that empower customers with information and the ability to purchase and activate coverage of their choice. Intuitive, engaging, scalable, and responsive‌ ‌web or mobile applications use best-of-breed technology that includes a combination of validated open-source components, lightweight frameworks & mature programming languages. Applications are designed to support omnichannel experiences across UX interfaces.

From design, prototyping, development, data migration, system integration, deployment, and maintenance, Trigent’s Custom Application Development services have got you covered. Switch to Cloud Native serverless architecture, create lightweight apps designed as services, deploy in scalable and versatile containers, and communicate via APIs. Incorporate a zero-trust security posture across design, development, deployment, and operations stages.

Flexible Architecture

Trigent’s API Framework allows Insurers, InsurTech companies, and startups to tap into new third-party channels for embedded insurance sales or securely connect with connected devices to create new usage-based insurance products.

Our approach is for companies to maximize returns on their current investments in technology. The old version of your core systems is sustained while product functionality is carved out progressively and transitioned to the unbundled Digital Core architecture. Plug in best-in-class technologies to the Digital Core, swap providers as required, and have complete control resulting in reduced cost of ownership.

Managed DevOps

DevOps links processes, IT teams, and technologies to provide continuous integration and delivery of IT services. It ensures close communication between programming and operational teams to accelerate software deployment and improve product delivery. Managed DevOps Services accelerate your DevOps implementation and provide for a centrally managed software delivery environment.

Utilize Managed Services to schedule and track releases, and gain critical insights into risks, resulting in self-sufficiency with orchestration and automation. Embrace a customized DevOps environment perfectly tailored to align with your development and delivery methodologies, coupled with an ongoing, around-the-clock monitoring service. Allow your developers to dedicate their energy to refining your product while our seasoned team expertly handles the management and maintenance of your DevOps environment, ensuring uninterrupted 24/7 operations.

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

The unbundled Digital Core architecture of your Insurtech Insurance stack requires an appropriate Cloud-centered IT infrastructure. Switch to a hybrid cloud model with data and applications distributed across public and private clouds that’s right for you. Combining Insurance domain experience with expertise in cloud technologies, our Cloud Services Practice helps you design, build, migrate, and operate the right cloud environment for your business.

With our certified cloud practitioners across Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms, you can evaluate which applications are ideal for the public cloud and which private on-premise options are preferable. Develop serverless applications, deploy containers for services, and implement microservices architecture as required. Monitor your cloud workloads, identify risks, and improve application infrastructures with our AWS Well-Architected Services.

Continuous Testing

The unbundled Insurtech Insurance stack powered by a Digital Core composed of multiple discrete technologies requires a robust Quality Engineering framework to ensure seamless customer experience. Continuous testing enabled by Intelligent Test Automation is the key to rapid product innovation and new technology adoption required for competitive advantage.

Partner with Trigent’s Quality Engineering practice to augment and extend your QA capabilities, undertake functional testing, and automate regression testing. Save time in setting up your Test Automation Framework with AutoMATE. Select relevant test cases from a library of 600+ pre-built InsurTech user stories for instant results. Use Visual Test Design tools to generate test cases and automation scripts that work with Selenium or Cypress.
Carriers, InsurTech companies, and startups need a well-orchestrated Digital Core to create purpose-built insurance solutions for customers across digital touchpoints. This Digital Core will bring together multiple third party solutions, minimize technology lock-in, and allow businesses to move quickly to serve changing customer needs.
Using Trigent’s framework for Digital Core modernization, transform your insurance service stack in a phased manner. Based on our market experience, the approach delivers a visible impact on the brand, rapid ROI, and value to the customer.
Integrate discrete tech innovations to create a well-architected Digital Core for new, disruptive insurance products