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Enterprises are increasingly considering Low Code/No Code (LC/NC) platforms that allow their existing IT teams to build software almost 90% faster! Picking the right platform, however, is key! They need to be evaluated for flexibility in supporting the use cases required for your business in addition to scalability, performance, and security. Other considerations include ease of workflow and capability customizations, periodic upgrades, and advanced integrations with other applications, ERP and CRM systems, and technologies.

Build mission-critical software and applications with pre-built code modules, customize your applications, connect with third-party platforms through secure APIs, integrate advanced technologies like AR/VR and AI-powered predictive algorithms for enhanced user experiences, and deploy in any environment – all powered by our Tech Accelerator Trigent AXLR8 labs! Not just that, use our product studio to build interactive and intuitive user interfaces for enhanced user experiences and maximum impact!

Service Offerings

Consulting Services

Our consulting services offer strategic insights on the best ways to leverage low-code/no-code platforms and how to pick the best platform for your industry. We assess the feasibility of leveraging these platforms, whether you’re exploring the potential of low-code/no-code for the first time or seeking to optimize an existing implementation. From platform selection to architecture recommendations and optimal OEM environments, our consulting services ensure a well-informed and effective approach to best leverage these platforms.

Customizations and Integrations

Most LC/NC platforms require extensive customization and integration with other platforms and systems for enhanced scalability, functionality, performance, and security. Finding a platform that optimally matches your business needs a specialist to understand the limitations and positives that will invariably influence application and software development.
Customize your application to meet the specific demands of your business, seamlessly connect it with third-party software, ERP, CRM systems, and core databases. We help you craft bespoke functionalities and build custom APIs to enhance interoperability and facilitate harmonious data and information flow.

Performance, Support, and Maintenance

Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your applications with our performance, support, and maintenance services for applications built using low-code/no-code platforms. We address the scalability of your solutions, optimizing performance to handle increased user loads seamlessly. Our comprehensive support includes cost-effective strategies, robust security measures, and vertical and horizontal scaling capabilities. From proactive monitoring to addressing potential bottlenecks, we ensure the ongoing health of your applications.

Why Trigent?

Industry-specific Workflow Customization

Customize workflows to perfectly align with your industry through our deep domain experience across retail, healthcare, logistics, insurance, financial services, and manufacturing industries.

Seamless Customizations and Integrations

Customize your application beyond the capabilities of your LC/NC platform through custom implementations and third-party integrations through REST APIs.

Advanced Design Capabilities Through Trigent AXLR8 Labs

Build applications that boast intuitive and visually appealing user-interface designs and deploy your product seamlessly, regardless of what platform you use to build your application! All this made possible through our proprietary AXLR8 Labs!

Strategic Partnership with Mendix

Trigent's strategic partnership with Mendix enables rapid application prototype development within the IDE to facilitate the development of advanced and complex applications that boast enhanced scalability, speed, performance, and security. Other prominent features include code extensibility, workflow customizations, and version control for robust code development.

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